ROX Risers on the Honda XR650R


The stock Honda XR650R handlebars are mounted fairly low and are also toed in slightly. Most riders of average or tall heights will be more comfortable with the handlebars raised. There are all sorts of ways to accomplish this, through blocks, new triple trees or bar mounts, taller bars, and also, by using the pivoting handlebar risers manufactured by ROX. They are a billet aluminum piece that allow the bars to be boosted up as well as rotated forward slightly.

For most tall riders this will be just enough of a change to make all the difference, especially when standing.

ROX Handlebar Risers

Here is a set mounted on the BRP (along with some standard aluminum riser blocks).

Honda XR650R Rox Handlebar Risers

Honda XR650R Wiring Diagram (U-Type)


Here is a factory wiring diagram for the Honda XR650R. It is specifically from a 2000 model, but they were mostly the same. Please not that this is only a U-Type XR650R which was the street legal model available in Australia and select other parts of the globe.

Honda XR650R-U- Wiring Diagram

Clutch and Throttle Cable Routing


When replacing cables or working on the bike in general the cables tend to get twisted up and routed where they don’t belong. Here are some diagrams showing the factory recommended cable routing for the throttle cables, clutch cables, decompression cables, and other wires.

Honda XR650R Cable Routing Front

Honda XR650R Cable Routing Side

Honda XR650R Cable Routing Rear

Choosing the Best Gear Ratio


Everyone will have to choose the gearing on their XR650R that works best for them and their riding locations, conditions, and style. Here are the final gear ratios produced by each sprocket combination to help you decide what to try next.

Front Sprocket / Rear Sprocket | Gear Ratio

13/46 | 3.538:1
14/46 | 3.285:1
15/46 | 3.06:1
16/46 | 2.875:1

13/47 | 3.615:1
14/47 | 3.357:1
15/47 | 3.133:1 (popular for distance riding, lower RPMs/better mileage)
16/47 | 2.937:1

13/48 | 3.692:1
14/48 | 3.428:1 (Stock gearing)
15/48 | 3.2:1 (popular all around choice)

Rear Axle Nut is 27mm


There are constant questions about the size of this nut. If you can’t break out a pair of calipers, well, here it is. It’s 27mm.

Replacing Stock Handguards on the XR650R


Most people with an XR650R will at some point replace the stock handguards and put on something more robust, like bark busters. When this is done the bolts and rubbers which attach the stock handguards to the perches will be slightly too long. They will function fine as is, but some people will want to replace those parts with something slightly shorter so there is no play in the parts and they fit together as if it was designed that way originally. The following Honda Parts will allow you to do this job.
1. Brake Lever Bolt – part #90114-166-006

2. Brake Lever Boot – part #53176-ML3-791

3. Clutch Lever Bolt – part #90114-428-870

4. Clutch Lever Boot – part #53177-430-000

You’ll also need on nut for each bolt.

Australian Factory Speedometer


In Australia the XR650R came with a speedometer and odometer right from the factory. It’s a simple unit similar to the ones which came on older model XR’s. This is it:

Honda XR650R Australian Speedometer Odometer

XR650R Decompression Mechanism


The decompression mechanism on the XR650R is very simple. There is a half round shaft with a decreasing/increasing radius which rests under one of the exhaust rocker arms. When the lever on the handlebars is pulled the shaft rotates and pushes on the rocker arm thus opening the exhaust valve so the motor is easy to kick over and clear out if flooded.

Honda XR650 Decompression Mechanism

Akrapovic Exhaust for XR650R


Akrapovic exhausts are extremely well made and highly regarded exhaust systems. Their performance and sound on the Honda XR650R are both excellent. They are quality made and well supported. The price however is about double any other exhaust system on the market. They are extremely expensive.

Honda XR650R Akrapovic Exhaust

Flow Aftermarket Exhaust for the XR650R


There are dozens of exhausts available for the Honda XR650R. The Flow brand (re-branded) exhaust is one of the cheapest around. It gets mixed reviews from many people regarding it’s build quality and performance. The general consensus is that it should be avoided. But if it was dirt cheap I might be tempted to give it a try.

Honda XR650 Aftermarket Flow Exhaust

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